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Bonnie Klee Roberts


A veteran high school music teacher with a degree in music education from the University of Illinois (1968), Bonnie Klee leveraged determination and compassion to develop musical maturity into the soul of the Glee Club.

Bonnie, the founding director of the Naperville Men's Glee Club,  provided her unwavering leadership  for over 30 years (1988 to 2018).  

Sadly, we lost Bonnie in late 2019.   Her legacy lives on in the rich music of the Glee Club.


In Memoriam

Bonnie Klee Roberts

September 19, 1944 – November 17, 2019

Read her obituary

March 23, 1988

Naperville Sun

Oct 12, 1989

Beacon News

Feb 6, 1998

Naperville Sun

"... there is a group of men out there who have sung in school or other organizations and would like to be involved again."   Bonnie Klee (director)

"During the first chord that we sang, I could just detect her eyes misting over a bit.  I think she thought she found something there".   John Brophy (founding member)

"The club's maturity translates into a sound that is heavier and deeper than college male glee clubs, although that's just fine with Bonnie."

" Bonnie ... emphasizes the social aspect of the group.  'The fellowship enriches the music' said Klee.  ' They can bond heart-to-heart with other guys, offering balance to them.' "

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